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Our inspiration is our desire to be distinguished as regional leaders in engineering and architecture, our commitment is to deliver growth and sustainable returns.


To deliver excellence in Engineering and architecture, to be bound by our commitment to our clients and to be entrusted by our stakeholders


  • We are responsible, accountable and are committed to the end result
  • BOUND: Our relationships are respectful, caring and based on mutual trust
  • INSTRUMENTAL: We are efficient and performance oriented
  • INSPIRED: We are one step ahead and look towards the future


Fifty years, since we started engineering work in Palestine, dealing wisely with all the indicators and events that passed on Palestine after the occupation of the Palestinian land in 1967, and the continues circumstances we face from the occupation. Each stage of these fifty years with its events was affecting all aspects of life, including Engineering work, which is an essential part in our civil life, affected by, political and economic fluctuations.

The beginning

Started in August 1972, we have been in the midst of these successive events. We have coexisted with the most difficult requirements and working environment and was able to work with our engineering friends as the specialty and the work needs developed. We started our Engineering business by working as advisors to few municipalities in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, Beitunia, Birzeit, Deir Dibwan, and Silwad. Our goal was to advance the capabilities of the municipalities and ensure the ability to establish an engineering system within the municipalities by exchanging our experiences with the municipalities and supporting them with all our engineering capabilities.

As a basic and main part of our priorities, we were and still look to Jerusalem as our first destination to prepare our engineering capabilities to serve it. The beginning was in the years 1974-1977, where we worked in the Old City of Jerusalem to document the archaeological buildings and work on the staff housing project in Dahiyat Al Bareed in Jerusalem, which is considered one of the first projects Housing in Palestine, followed by housing project in the Hawooz area in Hebron and many others such Beit Fajjar, Halhoul, Tarqumiya, Idna, Surif, Dhahiriya, As-Samu’, Bani Na’im, Silwad, Birzeit, Beitunia, Bani Zaid Al Sharqiya, Bani Zaid Al Gharbia, Salfit, Sebastia, Deir Sharaf And many industrial areas and detailed projects, the building of the Family Revival Association (the housing of the sons of the martyrs), the Chamber of Commerce Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, and many residential buildings and associations.

The stage of international partnership and exchange of global experiences

In 1994, Arabtec Jardaneh Babel Company was established, which later became Arabtec Jardaneh Palestine, in partnership between Arabtec Jardaneh International Company - its main headquarters in Jordan and Babel Engineering Consulting Office - headquartered in Palestine. This merger was able to strengthen the knowledge and engineering skills in both sides  building the capacity of Arabtec Jardaneh Palestine in the various engineering fields and the exchange of experiences of various engineering works in various fields inside and outside Palestine through the Palestinian expertise available in Arabtec Jardaneh Palestine and was able to accomplish excellent positive result in all engineering aspects.

And achieving remarkable successes under the management of Engineer Hassan Abu Shalabak for these projects, in addition to the experience of the founder of the company, Engineer Hassan Abu Shalabak, for more than 48 years in the field of architecture and Urban planning inside Palestine.

Among the most important projects that have been completed during 25 years are the Palace of Culture in Ramallah, the aluminum factory (Napco ) Nablus, the An-Najah Hospital in the early stages before it was converted into a university, the Plaza markets in Al-Bireh city, school restoration projects in Jerusalem and the Old City, infrastructure projects with international institutions (USAID, KFW), Palestinian Museum , Palestinian Printing Building, etc…

Partnerships with international companies to implement infrastructure projects, water lines, sewage, waste water purification plants, roads, schools, public buildings

The phase of the single Palestinian company with local, regional, and international experiences

In 2020, the commercial name of Arabtec Jardaneh Palestine was changed to Hassan Abu Shalabak Company - Consulting Engineers, Architects and Urban Planning (HAS), with management and wholly owned by Engineer Hassan Abu Shalbak. Accordingly, the legal relationship with Arabtec Jardaneh International Company with HAS has stopped , keeping the records of the Ministry of National Economy and the Companies Controller as a private joint stock company under No. (562419341) since January 28, 1995 with a capital of 100,000 Jordanian dinars. The same applies to the Palestinian Engineers Syndicate, where the name of the company was modified and all experiences and qualifications were transferred to the new trade name with the same classification number, which is (13).

(HAS) aims to provide a high degree of efficiency and experience to provide a range of engineering consultancy services including design and supervision, according to the needs of customers and Site requirements considering the surrounding environment. Considering the changing needs in the region, (HAS) seeks to meet local and regional challenges This makes it ready to be a major hub in the competitive market of this region.