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Coaching the Municipalities on Updating their Record of Fixed Assets – 2nd Cycle – Cluster 01

Institutional Building Capacity
Middle of West Bank

Type of services provided:

  • Customized Template for Updating Fixed Assets Registration Sheets
  • Material and Presentation for Training Sessions
  • Preliminary Updated sheets by each Municipality
  • Coaching Visits to each Municipality
  • Final Updated Registration Sheets by Municipalities

Brief Description: Coaching the Municipalities on updating their records of Fixed Assets Registration and Valuation 2 Cycle – Cluster 1 Middle of West Bank in the course of the strategic framework for the Municipal Development Program (MDP). The services had been performed in sixteen partner municipalities namely,  Al Ram, Al Eizariyya, Abu Dees, Beit Sureik, Beit Anan, BirNabala, Anata, West BaniZaeid, Al Ittihad.