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Capacity Building

a. Capacity Building - Recording and Evaluating of the  Fixed Assets

Hasan Abu Shalbak Company - (HAS) is the first engineering company to introduce the field of registration and evaluation of fixed assets in Palestine within the projects of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, Global Communities, and also for the private sector to evaluate its fixed assets such as  Evaluation The fixed assets of An-Najah National University Hospital in Nablus and Al-Masrouji Pharmaceuticals in Ramallah, and the company’s work in this field includes the following:

  • Registering fixed assets in all its forms
  • Valuation of fixed assets
  • Calculate the annual depreciation of assets
  • Future expectations of the asset's price
  • Fair values ​​of fixed assets

b. Capacity Building – Operation and Maintenance Projects

Hasan Abu Shalbak Company - (HAS) Has a wide experiences in Operation and maintenance services project and preparing the Operation and maintenance plans for buildings and roads