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Urban Planning

Urban and urban planning is one of the most important engineering branches in Hassan Abu Shalbak Company (HAS), which is distinguished in this field at the national level, as it is one of the initiators in the field of planning by working on a set of studies and plans, which vary from evaluation Alternatives, preparing studies, preparing structural plans, preparing detailed plans, and land use plans. And Hassan Abu Shalbak Company (HAS) has introduced modern technologies to benefit from them in the field of urban planning, including a better evaluation of alternatives and an analysis of the site on clear scientific and engineering bases and in line with international standards and applicable laws within the limits of the Palestinian Authority . The most important of them are geographic information systems, which have become one of the most important pillars used in planning and producing plans. Teams of experts prepare social and economic studies and design infrastructure needs in a way that accompanies the structural plan. This may also include feasibility studies and include:

  • Field surveys, examinations and analysis
  • Site evaluation
  • Presenting and analyzing alternatives
  • cash audit
  • Initial cost estimates
  • Cost/Benefit Studies
  • Organization and Management
  • Feasibility studies and economic analysis
  • Social and economic studies and environmental impact assessment