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Water and Sanitation

Hassan Abu Shalbak Company (HAS) has a great deal of experience gained over years of working in projects in urban, rural and major regional areas, and includes a wide range of projects related to water sources, distribution networks, sewage networks and Purification plants, and those projects included assessment of ground and surface water resources, design and testing of well fields, dams, water collection and treatment systems, pumping stations, reservoirs, water distribution networks, flood protection and water network systems at the national level. The consultancy also included services for the social, economic and environmental aspects associated with In this field, it also included design and construction supervision services for industrial facilities in sewage and water treatment.

Those projects ranged from studies and master planning covering large areas to detailed engineering plans covering sewage networks, household connections, primary and secondary treatment, chlorination, and
Wastewater reuse in irrigation.

  • Water Resources
  • Wastewater treatment
  • water distribution networks
  • sewage networks